Thursday, January 5, 2012

Goodreads M/M Member's Choice Awards Jan. 7

The M/M reading and writing group on will be hosting its 2011 Member's Choice Awards. This will be a live event, held via a chat room, twitter, and facebook. You MUST be a member of the group to participate, as well as asking to join the Facebook M/M Romance Group before the event. This will be a fun time to see what authors and books have been nominated and have won the coveted positions! Please join us 4:00-9:00 PM EST (New York Time, or Kentucky time for me as well!) on Jan. 7.

Review of "Twenty Years Later: Welcome Home to the Conquering Hero!"

I really enjoyed this look at two boys' relationship that grew from friendship to young love, then ended for about twenty years when they fell out of contact with one another. I especially found the dual marriage proposals adorable. I usually do not enjoy divorce mixed in with my romance, but this story treated it justly, and the wife was portrayed logically and gave the husband--a good father--at least partial custody or visitation rights, something that I am a proponent of. Finally, the vignettes at the end add just the right additional material for the plot and characterization that couldn't effectively be worked in otherwise. I highly recommend this read and it a 5-star ranking!