Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Puppy Play and Heartache

I read Naughty Boy before I read this first, companion piece, The Good Boy. I took a chance on this longer story since I loved the way the authors portrayed Ferg and Brin's relationship (DD) and the friendship between Brin and Lane. I was NOT disappointed in the least with this book! I loved the puppy play and snuggling that happens for a good chunk of the book. The sex between the couple is intense but slow-to-build, as it should be in a hurt/comfort tale. I absolutely loved the real dogs at the shelter Lane helps out with as well. The main, strong discipline scene is realistic and helps make readers understand the need for some subs to be almost forced to admit their feelings. And I loved the HEA! I recommend this book to anyone interested in relationships with a large age gap, puppy play, DD, or BDSM.

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When Authors Steal from Authors

I read this post on Erica Pike's blog, and I was amazed! I wanted to pass it on since her complaints seem valid. Even if her situation isn't 100% her publisher's fault, her advice on publishing houses and clues to something hinky going on are great!