Saturday, August 31, 2013

Another great historical from Ava March!

His Client

love historical M/M novels, and this one is one of my favorites! I loved how Jasper is not just the typical rent-boy as well. He is smart and knows that Nathaniel is the one who has to be strong enough to admit what he really wants. And, just like other Ava March books, the sex is hot and kinky!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Heartwarming Sci-Fi Love!

An Uncommon Whore

I absolutely loved this book! The world building is phenomenal and the characters of the lost king and his friend/lover/protector are fully developed. The sadness of war is always close-at-hand, but the two lovers really stick by each other. I am definitely going to read the sequel!

Sexy Rent-boy Romance

Chicken Ranch: Hunger

I enjoyed the first book in Amanda Young's series. Hunger was a little shorter than I thought it should be, but the relationship between Killian and Declan is well-developed. I found it a little hard to believe that Killian is so permissive about Declan's job after they become a couple, but since he is a little backward and older, I decided he just didn't want to drive Declan away. I am going to continue with the series! Rent-boys are favorites of mine!

Supernatural Love!

Common Powers 1: Soul Bonds

I enjoyed the first book of the series because of the interesting powers Sammi has. Their instant love was a little too quick for my taste, but Sammi's vulnerability and Mitchell's past still created an interesting plot. I am going to give the series a try with the second book to see if some of the paranormal powers will be fleshed out more fully!

Fun M/M twist on classic fairy tale!


I really enjoyed the sweet, romantic M/M version of Aladdin by A. R. Jarvis! The author does not go into too much sexual detail, which I believe is the right way to treat the fairy tale. The ending is a little unbelievable, but given that this is a fairy tale and the reader already has to suspend disbelief, I also found the ending very fitting!