Friday, February 24, 2012

Review of Elizabeth Lister's Exposure

I just finished Elizabeth Lister's book Exposure, and I felt she truly did great justice to a difficult story-line twist. I give it a strong four to four and a half stars. The sexual chemistry between the main characters Martin and Jeremy--who have about a nine-year age difference--starts off strong and continues to provide hot action throughout the story. The plot flows well from chapter to chapter and even the few secondary characters are well-done. 

From the brief story-blurb I was expecting Jeremy to reveal a secret to Martin; however, after reading about halfway through the story, the type of secret and the way in which it is revealed to Martin truly surprised me. Now, I am the type of reader that hates to go to bed when a book that is this good is unfinished. This secret, though, hit me harder than I would have imagined. The scene really got to me. I had to actually put the book down, wait for about two weeks, and then go back to it. Without spoiling it for anyone, let's just say it touched on a nerve from a dating relationship from my own past!

Once I picked the book back up, Martin and Jeremy were able to have their HEA. They strengthened their relationship and committed to the long-haul. One of my favorite lines of the books comes when Martin is talking to his sister: "Well, he's so damn good looking and sweet and smart and into me. I knew there had to be something." "Nobody's perfect, Martin. Y'know, he's still all those things. The fact that he's dealing with this just makes him that much more interesting." 

There were two main reasons I did not give the book five-stars. The first was the quickness of the consummation of the physical relationship at the beginning of the book.  I don't have a problem with early consummation in general; I just felt it was out of character for Martin as well as for Jeremy after the dry spells they had been having. The second reason was a feeling of being rushed at the end to wrap it up tidily. I definitely recommend this book, her writing style, and plot, and I have already downloaded another of her books to feast on the "hotness" of her men!

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