Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Girl Scout Controversy?

There seems to be a disagreement across America about whether to allow transgender youth into the Girl Scouts. From my understanding, at least one of the councils in Colorado have already made the decision to allow it. And so, with the annual cookie drive coming up, many people with be either buying more than they usually do or boycotting the Scouts' most important way to fund themselves as a non-profit. I was a Girl Scout for years and earned my Gold Award (similar to the Boy Scout Eagle Award). I have always believed in their teachings, and I hope that they will still be a strong organization when I am lucky enough to have a daughter of my own. If a Girl Scout comes knocking on my door, I'll definitely be buying some thin mints. Maybe even a second box. Even though I've already lost twenty-pounds on my diet. Hell, they taste especially good in the summer straight out of the freezer.

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