Sunday, January 15, 2012

Some good news!

Hey anyone out there,

My dog is doing much better--thank God! We got to bring him home last night, and he is finally drinking water and taking his medication on his own. They are still not sure whether he was poisoned with rat poison or had some type of food poisoning, but he is bleeding some internally (based on his swollen mid-section, some tests, and his feces) and he is not eating anything. The vet believes, though, that his drinking on his own, being a lot more steady on his feet, and seeming "perky" when responding to us is a good sign. Nevertheless, he mostly is just sleeping and still is breathing heavily. I often have to wake him to encourage more drinking. I think he will make it, though. We were so afraid that a couple nights ago would be his last.

Here are some links in case something like this happens to a pet you love:

I have not been doing any real reading or writing--it's just too taxing with the time commitment for my German Shepherd and for spending time with my son and husband. I've been looking around the property to try to find out where he may have stumbled into the poison, but with the snow it may be a while before I can tell--if I will ever be able to. But, my husband has encouraged me to surf the net to keep up with what's going on out there.

He also took me on a mini-date yesterday afternoon to my favorite Chinese buffet and then to a pawn shop. You may think it odd to go to a pawn shop on a date, but I have been dying to find a cheap 9mm, preferably a LCP for getting my concealed carry, and I have also wanted to see about a compound bow. Neither of things are cheap, but they may be affordable at a pawn shop! I don't like to go to those places alone--he is the better haggler when it comes to money!

Anyway, once my dog is out of the woods, I will get back to my thank-yous for contests won and read the books that are on my contest lists for January and from the won contests so that I can post the reviews. The hard-working authors deserve that! For now, a few personal lines here and there, and some random blog hops are all I feel up to. I hope everyone has a great second-half of the month!

Ann (Kyreadinggirl)


  1. *hugs*

    I'm glad to hear that he's doing better. I hope he wasn't intentionally poisoned. That would be just awful.

  2. Thanks! He tried to even eat "people" food today, so I think he must be on the way to recovery!!


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